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General discussion thread talk about whatever's on your mind

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You know, i recently saw that Comet's BBS went down. It sucks as i have been wanting to post there for a year or two, and when i finally feel like posting it's offline... :/ Oh well. Hopefully it'll be back up soon because i'd like to draw something as a thanks for the inspiration. In the meantime, use this board :D i've completed the basic features so it's ready to be used. You can make a new thread for any new bugs you find.

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p potato

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Tuner general thread

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pt 1. Tuner: the time-travelling story Tuner originally started out last year as a vague idea for a TV show. At the time, i was very tired of not having any recurring characters to build a serious plot for, so i set out to create one. Being the terrible writer that i am, i resorted to take inspiration from an old TV show that i used to watch: Journeyman. I had always been interested in the subject of time travel so it seemed like a good opportunity to use it. However, i wanted something more to play in the story, something different that would make you think twice about what's happening. In the end, i eventually decided to let the main character be an amputee from an unavoidable accident. I'll let the synopsis that i wrote for my FA submission of this image tell you what my idea was: --- 23.00-23.30 Tuner Swedish drama-thriller from 2016. A man working for a local electronics shop one day finds an old, worn TV at a yard sale. Bringing it home, it reveals to have supernatural properties - seemingly sending him back in time. Later, his disabled coworker's past is flashed before his eyes and makes him want to seek for a way to influence her timeline. --- It is a watered down version of the story. To recap and reformulate the summary of it, a year later: Mika is the disabled co-worker, and the man mentioned is her assigned caretaker (Leo?). This takes place during adulthood, around 24-26 years of age, right after Mika finishes college. Mika became disabled by an accident involving a public transport vehicle. It was gruesome and took the lives of innocent people, including a person close to her. Luckily, a stranger pusher her out of the way the last second, cutting only her leg and tail off. However, it destroyed her. Previously being a cheerful, happy woman, she turned in to a lifeless shell of her former self. She underwent extensive physical and mental therapy to be able to cope with such a change in her life. Depressing, isn't it? Well, she barely got through it with the help of her caretaker, a state assigned physical guardian. At the point of the Tuner time-traveling story, it has been a year or two after the accident, and they're both working at a local electronics store as another form of therapy. Mika sits in the back to work on repairing techstuff, while her caretaker does the heavy lifting. The owner of the shop is a heartwarming old guy who loves to play Solitaire on the computer. The Caretaker and Mika often drives out to different flea markets to gather electronics to repair and resell at the shop. During a visit to a car boot sale out in nowhere, the Caretaker finds an mysterious individual selling off an orange TV. Thinking it might be a simple fix as usual, he brings it back to the shop. But when plugging it in, it emits a strange TV test pattern (just like the first image in this thread) with a disturbing noise. The picture darkens everything around him, and as he steps out from it, he notices that he's seeing a past version of the world around him. Basically, the TV teleports him back in time. At first, he cannot interact with the past. But as time goes on, he realizes ways that he can, and in doing so, the possibilities widen. What can he really do with such a device? Is it even safe to mess with the past. Will it determine a completely different future for him? For Mika? Can he reverse Mika's accident? To what cost? I planned a lot more to this story, including trying to figure out who this mysterious seller really was, and to find the stranger who saved Mika her life. I'm unsure where the story would've ended. In any case, that was the original Tuner story i came up with in spring 2016. Since then i have added a lot of new things to Mika and her life, mostly to flesh her life and characters out before the accident. Thus, the Tuner time-traveling story is the "oldest" story i have of her so far.

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Who is Mika? Mikaela is a timid, but a curious woman. In essence, she represents the scared yet interested side of me, the side that perks up when something exciting happens close by, but quickly restricted by fear when not surrounded by support. As an empathetic person, she is easily affected by people, both for the worse and for the better. She depends on her friends to feel good and isn't afraid to admit it. Despite being this socially dependent, she is firm in her beliefs and goals, and strives to reach them regardless of what may happen. As an example, she always wants to figure out how to do electronic engineering, but was often criticized or shot down. Despite that, she still figured it out on her own in privacy, which then helped her later in life at the electronics store. She might brag about it at times too, just to feel good about herself. Mika doesn't think too deeply about things, and instead prefers to navigate by feelings. She thinks it's important to work on relationships with people. Because of this, she has a tendency to put others in front of her, especially her friends. Unfortunately, it isn't obvious to her when to stop, and more often than not her friends has to remind her. Mika's journey through the Tuner saga will, in short, teach her to listen to herself. Starting off as a simple and almost shallow girl, she will, by time and experiences (and the accident, no less) learn to look in to herself for what she really wants. But, for what sacrifice... ?

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Nightmares. Suffering. Loneliness. The friends that she had at the time weren't there for her when she needed them. They claimed she had profoundly changed, but in her eyes, it hadn't... until with time she slowly realized how much she had. She wasn't the same happy and outspoken girl she once was, but instead had turned in to a quiet and gloomy person. This fact crushed her more than the accident itself as it threw her back to square one: the days of dependency and uncertainty. You see, she had worked all of her life up until the accident on herself, striving to put her insecurity behind her with the help of her friends. But for those friends to not show up was devastating. But at the same time, the ones who did show up made her all the more thankful for their support. Not at the very least her best friend, Catty...

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This is a [S]tickied thread.

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test new thread

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I updated the header image

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>>70 but m-muh ancient history

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>>55 it's on the right side now

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Keep up the good work over here!

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I also have no fucking idea how these kinds of boards work

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>>53 So if I try to reply to a message within a post, but in a thread posting box...

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how do i use 4chan am pleb

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1. be a furfriend done

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thank u mom

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Here's some info of what stuff i use Also i hope i can fix this damn multiline issue